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Category Archives: Injuries

New Research Suggests Vacuum Pressure Treatments Could Lessen Traumatic Brain Injury Effects

A recent experimental study has shown that the application of controlled vacuum pressure could be an effective method for mitigating tissue damage after a traumatic brain injury (TBI). The results of the study were published in a recent issue of Neurosurgery, the Congress of Neurological Surgeons’ official journal.  The experiment tested the effects of applying… Read More »

The Most Common Types of Auto Accident Injuries

Car accidents are one of the country’s leading causes of injury. In 2012, there were 281,340 reported car accidents in Florida — a 23.4 percent increase from the prior year — which led to 198,032 reported injuries. Although car accident injuries vary from crash to crash and person to person, some injuries are more commonly… Read More »

One Dead After Florida Highway Car Crash

On August 5, a traffic accident in Navarre, Florida, resulted in one death and two injuries. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the accident occurred around 1 p.m. near the intersection of State Road 87 and Choctaw Road on the Eglin Air Force Base reservation. Eighteen-year-old Alexis Penton was driving north on S.R. 87 when… Read More »

Florida Woman Awarded $4.3M in Texting-and-Driving Case

On August 5 2014, a 26-year-old Florida woman suffering brain damage resulting from texting-and-driving accident was awarded $4.3 million in Flagler County circuit court. The plaintiff, 26-year-old Cacilia Carter, was riding in a car driven by her boyfriend at the time, Joseph O’Guin, when the car entered the highway and was struck by a tractor-trailer…. Read More »