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NFL Reaches Settlement in Concussion Lawsuit

On July 7, a judge granted preliminary approval to a settlement in a lawsuit filed by former NFL player suffering from concussions. This approval will allow legal representatives to take the necessary next steps, such as notifying plaintiffs. If final approval is given, the lawsuit will likely grant more than $700 million in award payments to ex-players with concussion-related brain impairments. The payments would be dispersed to plaintiffs over the course of 65 years.

The lawsuits allege that the NFL deliberately hid the risk of concussions and their risk of leading to serious, long-term health consequences. U.S. District Judge Anita Brody issued the preliminary approval in Philadelphia. Nearly 250 lawsuits on behalf of at least 4,500 former NFL players have been filed in the city, and all of these suits were recently combined to form a class-action lawsuit. The same judge will later decide whether or not to give final approval. A follow-up hearing is scheduled for November 19.

Brody had previously denied a preliminary approval request for a settlement whose monetary award would have been capped at $675 million. The revised agreement, which was issued on June 25, removed the previous cap on monetary awards and included the statement that all previous NFL players, whether or not they have already joined a suit, will have the opportunity to access the settlement???s benefits.

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